Prices on the D-Centa Store website for a given Good:

they are gross prices (including VAT) and are determined according to the Customer's choice (provided that the choice is available on the D-Centa

Store Website) in Polish zlotys or a foreign currency;
do not contain information on the cost of Delivery;

The final price binding the parties to the sales contract is the price of the Goods contained on the D-Centa Store Website at the time the Customer places the order.

Information on the total value of the order is specified each time in the "CART", after the Customer selects the form of Delivery and specifies the form of payment.

The customer may choose the following forms of payment for the ordered goods:
cash on delivery, payment by the Supplier when making the Delivery (in this case, the execution of the order and its shipment will begin after

D-Centa Sp.z o.o. has sent the confirmation of the order to the Customer);
bank transfer via the external payment system PayU, operated by PayU S.A. based in Poznań (in this case, the implementation of the order will begin after D-Centa Sp.z o.o. has sent the Customer confirmation of the order and after D-Centa Sp.z o.o. has received information from the

PayU system about the payment by the Customer);
bank transfer directly to the bank account of D-Centa Sp. z o.o. (in this case, the execution of the order and its shipment will begin after the funds are credited to the D-Centa Sp.z o.o. account).

The customer cannot pay for part of the order in advance and for part of the order upon delivery. The customer is informed each time about the date for making the payment for the order, taking into account the method of Delivery.

D-Centa Sp. z o.o. publishes information about the date of the contract on the D-Centa Store website.

The ordered Goods are delivered to the Customer via the Supplier selected by the Customer, to the address indicated in the order form. The supplier is selected when placing the order.

The Customer should examine the delivered parcel in time and in the manner adopted for parcels of a given type, in the presence of the Supplier's employee.

The Customer has the right to demand that the Supplier's employee draws up the appropriate protocol in the event of a loss or damage to the shipment.

The customer may collect the ordered goods in person. The collection can be made at the seat of D-Centa Sp. z o.o. ul. Żurawia 7/9, 91-455 Łódź on the following days and hours: Monday - Friday from 09:00 to 16:00, after prior arrangement of the pickup by calling +48 42 280 70 25.

D-Centa Sp. z o.o. attaches a receipt or a VAT invoice covering the delivered the shipment being the subject of the Delivery.

In case of the absence of the Customer at the address indicated by him, provided when placing the order as the Delivery address, the Supplier's employee will leave a notification or make another attempt to deliver the Goods, in accordance with the regulations for delivering parcels to the selected Supplier. In the case of returning the ordered Goods to the D-Centa Online Store, by the Supplier, D-Centa Sp. z o.o. will contact the

Customer by e-mail or by phone, re-establishing the date and cost of the Delivery with the Customer.

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