Posh D-Centa + Astaxanthin

Posh D-Centa + Astaxanthin

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Posh D-Centa

POSH D- Centa – the first and only capsules in Europe containing powdered placenta! Due to its properties all the agents quickly and easily penetrate to blood and skin and you can notice first effect even within a week of using it!

  • strengthens libido of men and women
  • affects our health and our psychophysical well-being
  • improves blood circulation and resistance
  • rejuvenates
  • stimulates our vitality

1 package contains 30 capsules = monthly therapy

AstaReal® – The most researched brand of astaxanthin

  • Naturally produced from the cultivation of non-GMO microalgae
  • Provided by Fuji Chemical, Japan with a plantation in Sweden
  • Recognized by the FDA for GRAS and NDI
  • Recognized as an international reference standard under the United States Pharmacopoeia Convention
  • cGMP, HACCP, ISO9001 certified facilities,
  • 400 peer-reviewed studies
  • 50 human clinical trials, over 1,400 people
  • No adverse effects on hematology, serum chemistry, urinalysis, self-report questionnaires.
  • Dosages ranged between 2-45mg / day
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