Biotin 2,5 mg

Biotin 2,5 mg

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BIOTIN – dietary suplement. Helps to maintain healthy skin and healthy hair.

Ingredients: bulking agent – microcrystalline cellulose (cellulose gel), sorbitol, leucine, D-biotin, anti-caking substance – silicon dioxide.

Composition of a daily dose: Biotin
One pill 2500 µg – 5000% RI (RI is a reference intake)

Mode of use: in order to obtain the desired effect it is recommended to intake 1 pill a day or otherwise after consulting your doctor. The preparation is not recommended for the persons below 18 years old, pregnant women, breast-feeding nor for the persons with individual intolerance for any of the ingredients. Dietary supplement cannot be used to replace a varied diet. One should not overdose the recommended daily dosage. To maintain a normal health state one should apply a varied diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Storage: Store in a dry place with room temperature, inaccessible to young children. Protect from the light.

Unit packaging contents: 30 pills x 100 mg


Helps to maintain healthy skin and healthy hair. It is necessary for the correct growth and proper body development and also affects the correct function of our nervous system, medulla and skin.

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