Sheep Placenta + Lycopene Plus
Sheep Placenta + Lycopene Plus

Sheep Placenta + Lycopene Plus

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Sheep Placenta + Lycopene Plus is formulated using 100% pure and fresh sheep placenta which is harvested from healthy New Zealand sheep.


New Zealand Sheep Placenta is internationally recognized as the purest and safest source of sheep placenta on the world market

Our sheep placenta is combines with potent antioxidants, Lycopene & Squalene to neutralize free radicals in the body. In addition, it also contains natural skin moisturizer. Collagen and Aloe Vera, making this formulation a powerful age-defying solution.

This superior formulation work synergistically to stimulate the renewal of aged, tired and unhealthy cells, nourishing body from inside out for long-lasting benefits.

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